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At Dallas Apartments, we understand the importance of education in today's society. Parents want nothing more than to place their children in schools where they know their children will be in good hands. Especially when moving to a new area, parents want to make sure that there are appropriate schools nearby. Researching specific needs and wants for their children's education is the first step that any moving parent should take. A simple phone call to the school's district will answer most of your questions, but not all. Some cases may require a visit to a counselor who is more than willing to help a parent find the right education and school for their kids. The internet is also a very useful source for information regarding ANYTHING related to your child's education. Here is a link to the Dallas Independent School District website.

Dallas Independent School District

Welcome to the Dallas Independent School District.
Our mission is to prepare all students to graduate with the knowledge and skills to become productive and responsible citizens.
The DISD's commitment to student success and a progressive learning environment is reflected in a challenging core curriculum and special programs, such as career education, character education, Advanced Placement, talented and gifted, science and engineering, fine arts, and multilingual and multicultural enrichment.
The DISD is the 12th largest school district in the nation. Our key demographic information includes:
  • The district serves a 351-square-mile area and 11 municipalities.
  • Almost 70 different languages are spoken in the homes of our students.
  • About 161,000 students are enrolled for the 2003-2004 school year.

District goals:
1) To improve student achievement
2) Nurture and develop teachers and other employees
3) Earn the community's trust through good financial management
4) Improve the district's facilities
5) Maintain safe and secure learning environments.

No Child Left Behind
Well before Jan. 8, 2002, the DISD had embraced the goals and principles defined in the No Child Left Behind Act. The DISD's own mission statement, goals, accountability measures, improvement plans, and initiatives have given the district a head start on this sweeping education reform.

The goal of the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 - signed into law on Jan. 8, 2002 - is to provide a quality education to every child in America regardless of his or her ability, background, or family income.

Basic Principles of No Child Left Behind

  • Standards for student achievement and accountability for results
  • Increased flexibility and local control of education dollars
  • Expanded options for parents
  • An emphasis on teaching methods that have been proven to work

Performance Goals

  • By 2013-2014, all students will reach high standards, at a minimum attaining proficiency or better in reading/language arts and mathematics.
  • All limited English proficient students will become proficient in English and reach high academic standards, at a minimum attaining proficiency in reading/language arts and mathematics.
  • By 2005-2006, all students will be taught by highly qualified teachers.
  • All students will be educated in learning environments that are safe, drug-free, and conducive to learning.
  • All students will graduate from high school.

DISD Programs and Services
The DISD offers many programs that promote the health and well-being of its students and their families. These programs include:

  • physical and mental health services
    alcohol, drug, and tobacco awareness and intervention
  • basic education, apprenticeship training, and computer literacy training for adults
  • bilingual education
  • Educational opportunities that are available outside the traditional school setting. Directory of Services

Specialized Programs and Services
Dallas Independent School District is committed to providing a varied and flexible learning environment to assist all students in developing their full potential. Special programs tailor the learning process to the strengths, abilities and needs of each student and support services are available to assist students and their families with personal needs and problems.
These services and programs include AIDS/HIV prevention education; evening classes; a 24-hour dropout counseling hotline; services for autistic, migrant and homeless children; programs for educationally disadvantaged students and students with disabilities, and many others.

Annual Math Olympiad competition develops a love of math in students
Each year, the district holds the Mathematics Olympiad competition for students in grades four through 12 to spur students' love of mathematics and academic competition. The competition consists of a one-hour, timed, multiple-choice test with 25 math problems. Students may use a scientific or graphing calculator to solve test problems.
Each school has its own selection procedures to choose a team of three students and an alternate at each grade level to compete for trophies and medallions in three categories. The categories are (1) top five outstanding students in each grade level from each of the district's eight areas, (2) top three overall students in each grade level, (3) and top ten overall schools in elementary, middle, and high school divisions. In addition, the top senior student in each of the DISD's eight geographical areas is awarded a $500 scholarship upon registration at their selected college.

Round-Up program for Prekindergarten and Kindergarten Students and Parents
The Dallas Independent School District is offering half-day and full-day prekindergarten classes for children who will be four years old on or before September 1, 2004, and are:

  • limited English proficient; or
  • eligible for free or reduced lunch; or
  • receiving homeless services

During the spring, elementary schools throughout the district hold "Round-Up" meetings to inform parents about the school's goals and expectations, policies of the Early Childhood Program, documents required for enrollment, and opportunities for parents to get involved at school.
Contact your neighborhood elementary school for prekindergarten and kindergarten Round-Up information for the 2004-2005 school year. If you have questions regarding the Early Childhood Program, please call (214) 932-7390.

Source from Dallas Public Schools

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